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Why should you come to a Carol Williams Yoga class?

"Carol has created a wonderful atmosphere for Yoga which helps me to be able to focus on my practice as well as relax deeply. Along with Carol’s intelligent Yoga routines, her insight into the mind and body, have strengthened my posture and improved my overall well-being. I attend Carol’s classes several days a week and feel great! Carol's Yoga classes are saving my life!”

"Carol somehow structures her class to simultaneously meet the energies and abilities of disparate individuals. She is a compassionate, funny and a motivating drill sergeant, with a talent for explanation and encouragement. And I recommend her class to any woman trying to find a healthy way to deal with peri-menopause!"

Carol’s approach to teaching Yoga has kept me coming back to her classes for 17 years. Because she believes Yoga doesn't have to hurt to be beneficial, she guides her students in gentle stretching and strengthening of the whole body in an atmosphere of complete respect for each person’s physical capabilities.

Besides the postures, each class includes meditation, prananayma (breathing), instruction on some aspects of the Eight Limbs of Yoga and deep relaxation.
Carol is a devoted student of Yoga and continually brings new techniques and information to her students.
If you are looking for a safe place to practice Yoga and want to learn what Yoga is really about, Carol’s class is the place for you. I love it!”

"Carol's class provides an atmosphere where I can focus my full attention inward for a healing hour and a half. At the Wellness Center I have truly found an oasis of peace and inspiration. When I leave class it is with a feeling of connectedness to all things. What a gift."

"When I come to a Carol Williams Yoga class, I am assured that I will be a better person because of it. I have always walked into her class in one state, one that may be stressed and frenzied, and be 100% assured that I will leave in another state, one which is calm, relaxed and centered. The reason I can say 100% assured is that I have been coming to Carol’s classes for over 6 years and I have never failed to feel better leaving than how I felt coming in.

The unique atmosphere at River’s Edge is also a draw for me. The Yoga room is nestled into a quiet, retreat-like setting, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. The antique-like windows in the Yoga room are huge and allow nature to come in and help quiet and calm my spirit. As I enter this unique spiritual setting and walk through the halls at River’s Edge in route to the Yoga room, I start to feel the calm immediately. I feel as though I am challenged to look inward and reflect. As I approach the room I know what lays ahead, an oasis set aside for me in this fast-moving, hurried world."

"Most of my adult life I was a distance runner, who incorporated stretching into my workouts, appreciating the benefits, enabling me to stay healthy and injury free. Several years ago I had to give up my favorite sport. Contrary to what many people believe about running, it was my mantra and gave me a feeling of empowerment, strength and tremendously diminished stress. Feeling the loss, I had the good fortune to find Carol Williams. I love the positive, healing environment Carol creates, as well as the continual challenges in perfecting our yoga routines. Occasionally, I take other yoga classes, but I always return to Carol's, its home."

"Carol’s essence helps draw me to my center during Yoga. Our class has a beautiful openness among the participants because of the atmosphere Carol has created. I have received powerful insight following the Dharma teaching and the discussion afterwards. The atmosphere at the River's Edge is supportive of spiritual growth and commitment."


"I have been taking Carol Williams yoga for over six years,
I benefit from her classes in ways that I never could have imagined. Our meditation time in class helps calm my mind and helps me to focus solely on doing yoga. Carol's guidance in class is invaluable as we practice the asanas.

I've learned how to breathe into the stretches, make adjustments for my body, and find my 'edge'. Carol has helped me to accept myself and my body's limitations without being harsh with myself. While my body has become more flexible, I've found that my overall attitude has also opened up and become more limber. Since going to Carol's classes, I feel much more in tune with my body. As my practice continues, yoga makes more of an imprint on my life, and keeps me feeling happy, grateful and healthy."


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